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100 years of Skiing

In 2024 we will celebrate a hundred years of organized skiing in our town, Ústí nad Orlicí. The Ústí nad Orlicí Ski klub is the proud bearer of this tradition, which began on the slopes of Andrlův Chlum and Kubincův kopec in the immediate vicinity of the town and later moved to the slopes of Zakletý in Říčky. The long tradition and the high level of the Skiinterkrtierium race prove the great enthusiasm for skiing and racing in our club.


The skiers of Usti begin to unite around the personality of Gustav Weiss. They meet primarily in two locations – Andrlův Chlum, where they practice downhill skiing, and Kubincův kopec, where they enjoy ski jumping.

1925 – A group of skiers from Ústí nad Orlicí became members of the Czechoslovak Ski Association and our delegates F. Holas and M. Mejdr participated in the CSA Wave Assembly.

1927 – Inside Sokol Ústí nad Orlicí, a ski section was established

1933 – Ústí’s athlete František Stránský discovered Říčky

1958 – Construction of the winter resort began

1960 – The first 660m long ski lift started operating; a 1km long black slope with a 250m elevation drop opened

1962 – A 1km long red slope with a 260m elevation drop opened

1963 – The first edition of the race for U14 and U16 categories

1964 – The old referee house and the first kiosk were completed

1972 – The youth race had its first international participation and was held under the flag of FIS, a new 1160m long ski lift was put into operation

“In Říčky there is an ideal track for U14/U16 alpine races … Such idealism, personal commitment and also technical competence can hardly be seen in many of the higher level competitions!” Helmut Adams (ITA), TD FIS, 1980

1981 – The Poma lift started operating

1985 – The history of the race mascot, “Krteček,” began

1987 – A new building for referees at the finish line was opened

1990 – Ski klub Ústí nad Orlicí was established, hard plastic poles and the HEUER timing system were used

1995 – Hinged poles were first used

2002 – A large screen at the finish line

2004 – Ski rest was opened

2006 – A four seat cable car was put into operation

2012 – Fully automatic snowmaking for the entire resort, the first online broadcast, and live timing

2020 – A six seat cable car was put into operation

Chairpersons of the OC

1994 – nowMgr. Luboš Bäuchel
1991 – 1993Ing. Zdeněk Chotěborský
1982 – 1990Ing. Zdeněk Maršíček
1979 – 1981Stanislav Tláskal
1972 – 1978Luboš Sedláček

Race Directors

1995 – nowJaroslav Křístek
1965 – 1994Bohuslav Šuda
1963 – 1964František Stránský

Chief Referees

2004 – nowMiloslav Boruch
1966 – 2003Ing. František Pospíšil
1963 – 1965František Pecháček