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1927 – Inside Sokol Ústí nad Orlicí, a ski section was established

1933 – Ústí’s athlete František Stránský discovered Říčky

1958 – Construction of the winter resort began

1960 – The first 660m long ski lift started operating; a 1km long black slope with a 250m elevation drop opened

1962 – A 1km long red slope with a 260m elevation drop opened

1963 – The first edition of the race for U14 and U16 categories

1964 – The old referee house and the first kiosk were completed

1972 – The youth race had its first international participation and was held under the flag of FIS, a new 1160m long ski lift was put into operation

“There is an ideal course for U14/U16 Alpine racing in Říčky. Very unfortunately, this venue is not suitable for higher level competitions due to it’s limit in elevation drop. So superb execution – comparable to the World Cup standard – should be reflected by FIS, it’s Natn’l Associations and primarily

1981 – The Poma lift started operating

1985 – The history of the race mascot, “Krteček,” began

1987 – A new building for referees at the finish line was opened

1990 – Ski klub Ústí nad Orlicí was established, hard plastic poles and the HEUER timing system were used

1995 – Hinged poles were first used

2002 – A large screen at the finish line

2004 – Ski rest was opened

2006 – A four seat cable car was put into operation

2012 – Fully automatic snowmaking for the entire resort, the first online broadcast, and live timing

2020 – A six seat cable car was put into operation

Chairpersons of the OC

1994 – nowMgr. Luboš Bäuchel
1991 – 1993Ing. Zdeněk Chotěborský
1982 – 1990Ing. Zdeněk Maršíček
1979 – 1981Stanislav Tláskal
1972 – 1978Luboš Sedláček

Race Directors

1995 – nowJaroslav Křístek
1965 – 1994Bohuslav Šuda
1963 – 1964František Stránský

Chief Referees

2004 – nowMiloslav Boruch
1966 – 2003Ing. František Pospíšil
1963 – 1965František Pecháček